ROMPLUR v1.7.2 updated 3-12-24





What's inside?

  • Snap to grid editing in UI designer
  • Customizable drop-down UI elements
  • Unmapped keyboard keys can be grayed out with an overlay color
  • Samples can be reversed in the mapping editor
  • Support for 32bit wave files
  • Major and minor bugfixes

ROMPLUR v1.7.1 updated 2-27-24

What's inside?

  • Improved export as installers for MAC/PC
  • Added delete all sample feature
  • Added spaces to plugin names

ROMPLUR v1.7.0 updated 2-9-24

What's inside?

  • Added ability to export as installers for MAC/PC
  • Added import EULA (End License user agreement)
  • Added encryption protection of your exported plugins 
  • FLAC format for instrument samples
  • Monolith

ROMPLUR v1.6.0 updated 1-9-24

What's inside?

  • Added: Progress is calculated based on average export time
  • Added: At the server export step the user is notified about that it might take some time
  • Fixed: macOS installer adds write privileges to installed folders and resources. Quick export should work as the folder is writable by the user
  • Fixed: In case the user cancelled the export on the file chooser window no more export was possible until restart
  • Fixed: No more developer error messages are displayed on the export status window
  • Fixed: Export status window can handle multi-line messages
  • Fixed: Typos

ROMPLUR v1.5.18 updated 8-13-23

What's inside?

- Improved web server export

ROMPLUR v1.5.17 updated 7-19-23

What's inside?

- Improved web server export

ROMPLUR v1.5.8 Released 3/27

pre-release build (if you find a bug email it to


What's inside?

- added convolution reverb

- added hue/saturation to static images

- added Tune/Pitch shift to layer links

- Export from web server (can take up to 15minutes to export your mac plugins)

- Audio Unit format returns on exported plugin format

- advanced local quick export for windows


ROMPLUR v1.5.4 Released 1/31

What's inside?

-added compressor effect

-added EQ

-added static image import to GUI editor

-added velocity layer stacking

-added project file protection

-added audio samples path directory folder

-added Audio samples encryption protection to plugin export screen

-added Key range to midi keyboard in GUI editor

-added Key Width to midi keyboard in GUI editor

-added more fonts to Labels in GUI editor

-added import font option to Edit tab

-added UNDO/REDO option

-added new GUI customizable template to GUI editor

ROMPLUR v1.4.5 Released 11/10

What's inside?

- Fixed bug where film strip images were not saving correctly when the on-screen height was greater than the on-screen width
- Optimized FX so when an effect is not engaged, or the mix is at 0.0%, no CPU will be used for that effect
- Optimized filter calculations so they only happen when the cutoff-frequency knob is moved
- Fixed clicking noise in loop fade
- Increased GUI Components frame-rate

ROMPLUR v1.4.4 Released 11/5

What's inside?

- Added preview mode to GUI Designer
- Added ability to change the color of the vendor button's border
- Removed default file choose locations and let the OS decide where to launch the file chooser
- Fixed layer gain not responding to gain changes while sample was playing
- Better optimized sample playback for pad instruments
- Sample fade-in and fade-out now operate separate from the ADSR

ROMPLUR v1.4.3 Released 10/29

What's inside

- Added smoothing to delay mix parameter
- Fixed images duplicating in .rmplr file when there were multiple instances of the same image at different scale-factors
- Fixed LFO not responding to parameters changes in plug-in
- Added a subtle amount of stereo width to delay

ROMPLUR v1.4.2 Released 10/27

What's inside?

  • v1.4.2
  • - Fixed pan knob causing NaN numbers in the sampler process loop
    - Configured sample settings copy and paste behavior by removing root note and key range from the action, and represented loop points as %'s
    - Fined-tuned FX
    - Fixed bug where the GUIDesigner was not removing old image data from the project file
    - Exported plug-ins now default to the first preset in the preset dropdown
    - Changed layer link behavior to use the same layer link for all presets

ROMPLUR v1.4.1 Released 10/19

What's inside?

  • v1.4.1
    - Added new preset system for easier instrument and plug-in building.
    -Added sample layers and layer parameters
    - Added ability to right-click a key within mapping editor piano to set a sample's root note
    - Added ability to reorder samples, layers, and presets
    - Added one-shot mode for samples
    - Changed parameters to display in common units, (secs, %, etc…), instead of normalized values
    - Added note names instead of midi note number on sample mapping pop-up windows
    - Removed support for pre-v1.4.0 ".rmplr" files.
    - Removed the ability to use multiple instruments in one plug-in. Please use the new preset system going forward
    - Added a confirmation pop-up menu when adding a new preset
    - Changed “Instrument Settings” label to “Plug-in Settings”
    - Fixed root note getting stuck on preset change in mapping editor
    - Fixed bug where the knob was not updating in GUI designer after loading a new image
    - Fixed ADSR not updating while sample was playing back
    - Turned off looping for samples in one-shot mode
    - Added skew to parameter knobs that require it (ex. Filter cutoff frequency, chorus rate, etc...)
    - Fixed layer links not working on faders
    - Added value display pop-up bubbles to knobs and faders on exported plug-ins
    - Added number of voices parameter
    - Added the ability to copy and paste sample settings in the mapping editor
    - Added opacity control to drum pad in GUI designer

ROMPLUR v1.3.1 Released 8/26

What's inside?

  • Fixed crash on app close
  • Fixed midi pitch bend value getting stuck on new pitch

ROMPLUR v1.3 Released 8/24

What's inside?

  •   ADDED Mapping Editor with playable onscreen keyboard
  •   ADDED Batch sample import
  •   ADDED Alpha / transparent support to spectrum analyzer
  •   IMPROVED Mapping editor key range blocks
  •   IMPROVED Pre v1.1.0 .rmplr Instrument files will be converted to new .rmplr format on load and save
  •   FIXED Meter stuck in designer mode on exported plug-ins
  •   FIXED Pop-up not showing up after exporting instrument to Windows VST3
  •  FIXED issues with loading saved Instruments files in mapping editor
  •  FIXED click in mono mode
  •  FIXED pitch accuracy of midi pitch bend
  •  FIXED macOS VST3 and AU export not working on Windows

ROMPLUR v1.2.0 Released 8/13

What's inside?

  • Pitch bend support added
  • Added spectrum analyzer to GUI designer
  • Fixed VST3 rename on macOS
  • Improved loading time for Instruments with lots of duplicate faders and knobs
  • Changed ADSR behaviour to better support pad instruments
  • Added option to export for VST3 and AU at the same time on macOS
  • Fixed bug where custom midi meter and fader images weren’t showing up
  • Fixed bug where first sample could not be removed 

ROMPLUR v1.1.1 Released 7/30

Still in process of development – please report any crashing to


What’s inside?

  • Added auto read loop points
  • drum pad import
  • vendor info button
  • midi meter
  • drag left/right sample in mapping editor
  • add duplicate to right click menu 


ROMPLUR 1.09 released 7/23

  • added duplicate command Ctrl + D for PC, Command + D for mac
  • improved loading speeds

ROMPLUR v1.08 Released 7/22

What is inside?

– custom Fader Issue crashes exported VST

– custom Knob Issue crashes exported VST

– change export names

– add in frame parameters for sliders that arent squares

– Fix export to existing plugins

– added GUI duplicate


 ROMPLUR v1.07 Released 7/16

soft launch

ROMPLUR v1.0.6 Released 7/12

  • Fixed loading meter bug
  • Fixed parameter value inconsistencies